“Orderville” was so named because it was established under what was called the United Order in 1870. Created under the direction of Mormon leader Brigham Young, the settlers living within the United Order successfully equally shared their resources for almost 10 years. Orderville is a quiet, but inviting town located just north of Mt. Carmel. In addition to hiking, slot canyons, and other natural nearby attractions, tourists can enjoy local shops and services. Also available is the Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the unique history of the Mormon Orderville settlers and is located on Box Canyon Road in Orderville. Open from May to September.

In 1874 Mormon leader Brigham Young encouraged the formation of the “United Order” in Southern Utah. This experiment in communal living enjoyed a decade of success and the Edmunds Anti-Polygamy Act effectively ended the Order. The Daughters of Utah Pioneer Museum still preserves the unique history of Orderville.

Rock hounds love this place. Septarian nodules and other great geo-cache specimens are hiding all around Orderville. Visit one of the colorful rock shops and take home an unusual memento.