Descend into a valley with the remains of the Paria Ghost Town and cemetery site. Surrounded by amazing colorful rocks and multicolored layering cliffs located 33.5 miles East of Kanab, Utah.

Pahreah (the historical spelling of “Paria”) was abandoned for a few years in the late 1860’s during the Blackhawk war, but was re-occupied shortly thereafter.  Repeated flooding and resulting loss of grazing and agricultural land a result of overgrazing and poor dam construction, forced people to move out, and by the late 1800’s not much remains but a few foundations and wooden fences.

You can see the old cemetary that has about 20 graves.  In 1930 a movie set with a few wooden buildings was situated just beyond the parking area.  Because of the beauty, Hollywood filmed many western movies here, including some scenes of the Outlaw Josey Wales.  In 2006 the movie set was burned down by vandals.