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Welcome to the Magic of Kanab Podcast. Host Hal Johnson takes you on an enchanting tour of the expansive region nestled in Southern Utah famous for its geological wonders and boundless adventures. Listen and let your imagination run free as you hear tales of the Wild West and stories from fascinating locals. From the world-famous Wave to the multiple nearby national and state parks and secret gems hidden around every corner, come discover the true magic of Utah's Kane County.
Episode 1  |  July 21, 2022

How to win the Wave Lottery

25 min

In this episode, Hal Johnson talks with Duane Baird, visitor center host at the Kanab Office of Tourism, and Paul Gagner, co-owner of Dreamland Safari Tours as they share tips and tricks on how to get a permit to visit the Wave. Located just east of the center of town, the Wave is a bucket list destination for many adventurous travelers. Seasoned national parks and adventure expert Phil Telfeyan also joins the show to talk about his experience winning the lottery and hiking the wave.

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Episode 2  |  August 4, 2022

Treasure Hunting in Southern Utah with Dan Dillman

23 min

In this episode of the Magic of Kanab, Jerron Glazier and third-generation treasure hunter, Dan Dillman, join us to discuss the cursed treasure of Montezuma and its effects on the people closest to Dan. Stay tuned to also hear about his new HISTORY channel show, Lost Gold of the Aztecs

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Episode 3  |  September 1, 2022

Little Hollywood

36 min

In this Blockbuster episode of Magic of Kanab, Hal talks movies. Hundreds of westerns have been shot in the Kanab area and stars such as The Rat Pack have stayed in town. But old westerns aren’t the only Hollywood action Kanab gets—there’s a new movie coming to town in the near future.

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Episode 4  |  September 15, 2022

Fierce Women: Polygamy, Power, and an Evasive Saloon

23 Mins

Hal talks with Emily Bentley about the historical women of Kanab and their role in shaping what the city is today. Later, he dives into discussion with former mayor Karen Alvey about her experience running the city and how being a female in her field made her experience unique.

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Episode 5  |  October 6, 2022

East of Zion: The Best Way to Experience Zion National Park

28 mins

In this episode, Steve Neeleman — owner of Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort — talks with Hal about what visitors can expect when visiting East Zion and what hikes should be on your bucket list. Next, hit the trails with our producers to talk to explorers on the park trails. Listen in to get an inside look at what it’s like to hike the less populated areas of Zion National Park!

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Episode 6  |  October 20, 2022

Find the Spine

23 mins

Today we talk with Kaisi Grow and Camille Johnson-Taylor about Find the Spine, a treasure hunt hosted by Grow Chiropractic and other local sponsors. Discover what it’s like to participate in the hunt in an interview between Hal and Find the Spine Winner Shayden Troy, and why a great way to get to know the Kanab area!

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Episode 7  |  November 3, 2022

Our 2 Million-Acre Secret: The Grand Staircase

22 mins

In this episode, we are joined by Kanab Visitor Center Host Bob Riding to discuss the best spots to visit in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Later, explore dinosaurs in the area with Alan Titus, a paleontologist with the Bureau of Land Management.

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Episode 8  |  November 17, 2022

Unconventional Conventions

28 mins

Director of Convention Services and Sales Torrey Cluett joins us to paint a detailed picture of what it’s like to convention in Kanab. Following Torrey, Camille Taylor-Johnson — executive director at Kane County Office of Tourism — shares the best things to do when in town for an event. From delicious restaurants to quality hotels and must-see tourist attractions, you’ll leave this episode with some fun new items on your bucket list.

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Episode 9  |  December 1, 2022

Geeking Out on Dinosaurs

25 mins

Kane County was home to many dinosaurs millions of years ago and their fossils are still here today. We dive deeper into dinos in this episode with Monument Paleontologist Alan Titus and Visitor Center Guide Bob Riding, discussing what creatures called Kanab home and how you can see them for yourself!

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Episode 10  |  December 15, 2022

Top Hikes Close to Kanab

31 mins

What hikes are in and around the Kanab area? This is a question Hal sets out to answer today with Kim Blake, a member of a local hiking group. Explore the best hikes in Kanab before hearing from the Search and Rescue Captain Rod Willis about tips to stay safe on the trail.

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Episode 11  |  March 16, 2023

Magic of Kanab Season Finale Episode

1hr 11 mins

In this special episode of The Magic of Kanab, host Hal and special guest Camille chat about their favorite moments of season one. They are joined by both new and returning guests to discuss some of the highlights from show, as well as share some exciting bonus content. Relive some of this season’s biggest moments, involving fierce women, famous actors, dinosaurs, slot canyons, and much more.

“The fact that we’re so well connected, we have so many interesting stories and so many amazing people — that’s the magic of Kanab. This podcast is really a great way to highlight it.” -Emily Bentley

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