Art & Culture

Kanab and the surrounding communities boast many historical sites, museums, and galleries. Explore our unique history and culture throughout the region.

For the artist and the lover of art, there is much to share

This land is our muse and always has been. Prehistoric 'rock art galleries' left by 'those who came before' lie hidden throughout quiet canyons, inscribed on steep, smooth walls of rock. In the hundreds of years since, the spirit and landscape of Southern Utah continue to inspire painters, photographers, writers, musicians and film makers. The canyons and deserts of Southern Utah speak in an inexpressibly beautiful language to those who listen. Poet-artist Everett Ruess followed "the sweeping way of the wind" into nearby canyons leaving an astonishing trail of inspired prose behind. America's early photographic talent was lured here by a raw beauty unlike anything else in America. Maynard Dixon began coming here at the turn of the 20th century, eventually becoming known as the "Father of Western Art". His spirited work still inspires fellow artists and viewers. Monumental artistic talents like Ansel Adams, Georgia O'Keefe, and even Max Ernst couldn't resist the magnetic pull of this mysterious and awesome landscape. Writers like Zane Grey and generations of musicians have followed the muse and created iconic bodies of work that compel audiences. Every year fresh events renew the spark of creative interest. The Maynard Dixon Home and Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts continue to support a creative community originally built by Dixon himself. Special artist events provide and opportunity for new western artists to reconnect with this land and share their work with the public. Artist retreats and tours are held throughout the year culminating the annual Maynard Dixon Country Art Gathering. Nearby Zion National Park hosts an annual Zion Plein Art Festival. Local artist guilds sponsor galleries and workshops. don't miss the wonderful murals painted by artist Patti Lewis, her colorful depictions of Southern Utah's history decorate many a public building around here. The local 'Symphony of the Canyons' hold concerts in wonderful places like the Grand Lodge at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Throughout the summer Kanab hosts performances by a variety of hometown and out of town artists. Catch these performances at one of our many restaurants on their patios, or during one of our many great seasonal events. This is a place where art never ends, only our ability to express it.

Art & Culture

Southern Utah is home to many art galleries, museums and historical sites. Add these sites to your Southern Utah itinerary!