Kane County Fair

Thank you for coming! 2024 Event details coming soon!!

Kane County has a rich history of pioneering spirit, industry, agriculture, farming, ranching, entrepreneurship, food, and fun. For 68 years the fair has been a focal point for families. Youth throughout the years have found lasting memories, opportunities for leadership, and simple fun traditions to pass on to the next generation. It was around 1946 when the Long Valley Sale began. There were many kids wanting to show and sell their animals but in order for them to do that, they had to take them to Cedar City. Instead of traveling to Cedar the residences around Long Valley decided to start their own sale and show.

Quite a few of the kids had sows and the FFA club bought a boar. At the first sale they had thirty to forty pigs. They sold the pigs a few at a time in three of four different shows. The show was first held where the Mark Chamberlain house in Orderville is located. Later the show moved to the Carroll Field. It found a home for a few years at Valley High School and now is located between the Carroll Arena and Kane County North Event Center. After the shows began, a few people decided to include crops, flowers, and visual arts. The event expanded further to a three day show and a parade.

After a couple of years the entire county was invited to participate and in 1948 the Kane County Fair began. There are countless people who contribute their time, talent, and money to make the Fair a success. We are a talented and creative group of people here in this beautiful southern county. Thanks for all you do that makes our county great. So come on out to the fair and help us keep looking to the past as we move forward into the future!

Thank you for supporting YOUR county fair!

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