Coyote Buttes North Daily Lottery

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Lottery Information

Applications for the Daily Lottery can only be submitted from within the designated geofence, according to the following schedule. You will need to have an account set up before you can apply. To get started, go to and sign up.

Lottery Schedule:

  • Day 1 – Application: Apply between 6 AM and 6 PM two days ahead of the desired entry date. Lottery results are sent out at 7:15 PM this evening. Window opens to accept winning lottery.
  • Day 2 – Safety Briefing: Successful applicants must accept the permit and pay fees by 8 AM Utah time and be onsite at a permit pickup location with photo ID at 8:30 AM local time for a safety briefing. Local time may be different between pick-up locations. During Daylight Savings, 9:30 in Utah is 8:30 in Arizona (except the Navajo Nation).
  • Day 3 – Permit date: Permit-holders have the day to explore Coyote Buttes North.

How Does the Quota Work for this Permit?

The quota for this permit is measured in persons and/or groups visiting the area per day. A daily maximum of 64 people are permitted to visit Coyote Buttes North.

  • 16 people and/or 4 groups (whichever comes first) are awarded through this Daily Lottery.
  • 48 people and/or 12 groups (whichever comes first) are awarded through the Advanced Lottery, a separate process than this geofence Daily Lottery.
  • The maximum group size for both lotteries is 6 people.
  • Everyone, regardless of age, must be included in the permit. This includes infants that are not walking.
  • Dogs do not count against the quota, but must be included on the permit and require a fee. Dogs are added during the permit confirmation process following a successful lottery application.
  • If a group obtains a permit and hires an authorized guide, the guide will not count against the group size or the daily visitor limit. Groups are limited to one guide each.

Applications can only be submitted via a mobile device (ex. smart phone, internet-connected tablet) through the mobile app or a browser.

Geofence Perimeter map

For additional information, please visit the BLM webpage:

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