Kanab, Utah is known for its splendid red rock beauty, quaint small town charm, and central location to many natural scenic wonders found in the southwest. But did you know that Kanab is home to many unique murals that cover the downtown area?

Discover large well-known murals, and hidden ones, throughout Kanab. Many of these murals depict historic moments in history, show off our incredible natural beauty in the region, the uniqueness of our annual events, or are the freely artistic talents of our local artists. Kanab, and their murals, have something in mind for everyone.

Natural Wonders on Show

Kanab is basecamp to 3 national parks, 5 national monuments, 2 state parks, and numerous acres of public lands. Local artist Patti Lewis, with the help of her husband Jeff, have their own unique way of showing off the spectacular landscape we call home with her many large murals found throughout the town of Kanab, Utah. Patti was a housewife for 20 years and raised 3 kids before becoming a professional artist. Patti, who with no formal training, has magic hands. She paints mostly full realism but contemporary doesn’t stop her either. The amazing part is some of Patti’s work is over 600 feet long. With her partner, Jeff, they have built a body of work that is massive in scope and scale doesn’t stop her either. The amazing part is some of Patti’s work is over 600 feet long. 

Find Patti’s artwork at these places of business:

  • Kane County Office of Tourism/Visitor Center – Artwork: Exterior building & Buffalo Statue
  • Glazier’s Family Market & Stage Stop Gas Station – Artwork: Exterior of both buildings
  • Nick’s Shell Gas Station – Artwork: Exterior building
  • Nature’s Wonderstone Gift Shop – Artwork: Exterior building
  • Muley Crazy – Artwork: Exterior building

Artists Wing’s Hunt

Local artist Jennifer Andrews continuously brings the community of Kanab together with her Paint Your Pet’s Portrait classes, Childrens paint classes and many more. But she has brought our community together further by painting Wings across town, many with one-word, or short  phrases included in the artwork. These phrases like Ananhata, Be Kind, Nourish, and more, remind us all of the things that are most important in life, or bring inspiration to us all. Jennifer says, “I create paintings that revolve around rescued animals, wild animals, spirit guides and nature. I have rediscovered the relationship between nature and spirit. Working with the animals at Best Friends Animal Society and living among the majestic red rocks has inspired some of my most favorite paintings.”. Learn more about Jennifer Andrews and her art on Instagram at instagram.com/feralartgrl. Keep an eye out for Jennifer’s Wings around Kanab the next time you visit! 

Our Best Friends

The newly opened Best Friends Roadhouse and Mercantile in Kanab is the most pet-centric hotel in the area. While many hotel options are pet-friendly, the Best Friends Roadhouse & Mercantile provides the only pet-centric lodging accommodations and general store in Kanab, Utah. Both support the lifesaving work of Best Friends Animal Society. Best Friends Roadhouse not only accommodates your pets in the best way possible, but they also celebrate our Best Friends throughout the whole property. 

One of many celebrations is through their murals located on the Roadhouse grounds. This large mural spans the entire rear length of the Roadhouse and shows the many animals that can be found, and adopted, at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary 5 miles north of Kanab. With abstract and unique art blended with the pigs, dog, cat, hummingbird, bees, horses, and area landscape; this mural catches the eye and leaves your imagination running.  The muralist is Benjamin Weimeyer from Salt Lake City. He’s one of the founding members of the architectural firm who worked on the Roadhouse throughout it’s recent construction. Find out more about Benjamin Weimeyer here.

Don’t forget to explore the Sanctuary for yourself with a free tour starting at the Welcome Center.

Lodging and Artwork

One of the more recent businesses in Kanab to receive the splendid artwork of murals is the Sun ‘N Sand Motel. While we were exploring the many various artworks that cover the walls of this historic motel we ran into an employee who said many of the works of art were done by artists passing through the area. What a cool way to “leave your mark” on a town that left an impact on you during your travels. These murals at Sun ‘N Sand Motel reflect our natural landscape, western heritage, dinosaur discovery, and local events such as our annual Balloons and Tunes Roundup by showcasing our Balloon Meister’s, whose family own the motel, hot air balloon. Take some time to look at the different themes of art and try to connect with the artist and their experience in Kanab.

With so many murals to discover in Kanab, it may take you more than one day to see them all and play among the red rocks in the region. Stay a little longer with us to truly see all the magic Kanab has to offer.