Amazing Earthfest

Welcome to Southern Utah's premiere Festival of Experiential Learning, Discovery, Arts and Adventure!

May 7, 2021 10:00 am

15th Annual Amazing Earthfest 2021


Here’s our 2021 events list in brief. For full details, please visit our website



Free Live Presentations Over Zoom:

Friday, May 7: 1:30 PM – Youth and Nature: KHS Seniors on Creating a Sustainable Future Together

Sunday, May 9: 3:00 PM – Invocation to Sustainability

Sunday, May 9: 6:00 PM – Master Class in Astrophotography

Monday, May 10: 6:00 PM – Sandstone Wonderland: The History of Utah’s National Parks and Monuments

Tuesday, May 11: 6:00 PM – Rock Art of the Southwest

Wednesday, May 12: 6:00 PM – A Virtual Tour of Buckskin Gulch

Friday, May 14: Utah’s Parks: 6:00 PM – The Jewels of Our Dark Sky Crown

Friday, May 14: 7:30 PM – A Conversation with Kevin Fedarko

Saturday, May 15: 6:00 PM – Tutored By the Land: a Writing Workshop with Stephen Trimble



Free Documentary Films on Vimeo: (Available on-demand May 9-15)

Into the Canyon – High adventure hiking 750 miles through Grand Canyon

Point of No Return – First solar powered airplane flight around the Earth.

The Vow from Hiroshima – Inspiring story of the nuclear disarmament activist Setsuko Thurlow, living survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.

A Concerned Citizen – Civics lesson in participatory democracy by a PhD biologist.

Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes – First woman to break the glass ceiling in American landscape architecture.

Connectivity Project – Exploring the interconnections and ripple effects of all human activity. (Available May 7-9)

Kiss the Ground – Regenerative farming and building healthy soil to sequester CO2 from Earth’s atmosphere into the ground.


Enhance your connection to Mother Earth. Amazing Earthfest features lots of exciting events, beginning, May 7, 2021! We organize a thought provoking, informative, mission-driven, educational festival for all ages connecting people to nature and the gorgeous landscapes of southern Utah and northern Arizona. Enjoy arts, culture, documentary film, live entertainment, presentations and guided outdoor adventures amidst some of the world’s most beautiful scenery. Meet new friends. Learn more about places you love. Get involved. Make a difference.

Amazing Earthfest is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Kanab, Utah, established in 2007 to produce an annual public festival celebrating National and State Parks, National Forests, Monuments and Public Lands of the Colorado Plateau. Our educational festival brings enjoyment and learning opportunities to residents and visitors while enhancing community and economic resilience in Kane County, Utah. Thousands attend from across the nation and internationally.

Our events appeal to adults, youth and children interested in learning more about the natural world, Earth’s natural systems on the Colorado Plateau, plus Native as well as historical Pioneer cultures.  Amazing Earthfest programs offer inspirational content with scheduled activities in five categories:

  • Arts and Culture
  • Community
  • Documentary Films
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Science and Land

Amazing Earthfest enables people to experience, appreciate and connect with Earth’s natural systems, enjoy high caliber creative and performing arts, outdoor learning, discovery and adventure. We serve area residents and visitors by helping to establish strong connections to place and community.  Amazing Earthfest helps people build informed connections to their public land through direct experience of its natural values including wildlife habitat and ecosystem functions, cultural sites, geology, and spectacular scenery. The full range of outdoor learning and recreational opportunities in Kane County, Utah is truly astonishing!


Please visit for updated information, or find us on Facebook.

Rich Csenge, President – Amazing Earthfest