Soup Town Days

North Events Center
475 N State Street
April 15, 2023 12:00 pm


The ducks are getting lined up and ready for Soup Town Days Saturday April 15th!
Here’s what is going to be happening 12-5pm @ the NEC:
Cheese Making-Tracy Kvamme of Clucking it Up
Parched Corn & Dried Apples- Richard & Susan Esplin
Leather Working- Mel Cox
History of the United Order- Cheryl Adair
Woodworking- Roger Chamberlain
Kids Games- These will be the games the early settlers played- do you know what they were???
Farrier- TBD
Herbal Remedies & Potions- Mera Hoyt
Music- Nancy Guymon
Blacksmithing-MaCoy Cox
Quilting- Kaeala Curtis
Breads- Melissa Griffiths
Wagon Team- Hal Stout
Rag Rug Making- Myrna Cox
Soap Making- TBD (if you are or know how contact Emalene or Marianne Leigh)
Candle Making- TBD (if you are or know how contact Emalene or Marianne Leigh)
Square Dancing- TBD
Lawn Mower Races 1pm
Bed Races 3pm
If interested in participating in these events contact Shane Frost 435-691-2382 or Joseph Sorenson 435-668-0930 by April 8th
SOUP Eating 3-5pm no, not a contest but we have 10 people signed up to fill our bellies with hot soup.
This year it is “FREE” but in light of a recent tragic event with Daniel and Ashley Spencer we will have donation cans set out to help this sweet family.
The Daughter of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) building will be open 12-5pm April 15th for everyone to go learn more history about their ancestors and the Untied Order.