Kanab Heritage House

The Heritage House was originally completed in 1894 as a residence for Henry Bowman and his family. It has since served as a home to other prominent families in Kanab. As you explore the house you will gain insight in to the ideals, struggles and accomplishments of the early Utah pioneers. Stop in for a Free Guided Tour!

The Heritage House – A Monument to the Past
‚ÄčIn 1885 a man named Henry Bowman arrived in Kanab with his new bride, Mary. He would work as a school teacher and as a merchant for several years before he commissioned the building of this house in 1892. When the house was completed in 1894 it would be called “the first modern home in Kane Country.” In its over 125 year history the house would serve as home to several prominent families in Kanab. We hope you will come and explore it’s history with us.