The Rafters Gallery

The 2nd level of the Rocking V Café doubles as what we refer to as The Rafters Gallery – which is a place you’ll find an eclectic mix of photography, oils, pastels, sculpture, steel, ceramics, and anything else we feel like curating.

Art is what YOU like.

Art is good. It makes life better. So we set out to create a space that was full of cool art, at a cool temperature, created by cool artists, so the cool people waiting to eat in our cool restaurant could have a cool place to hang out & look at cool art.

The Rafters Gallery …upstairs… at The Rocking V Cafe is Kanab, Utah’s space for art. All the artists are from the area(as long as you are willing to consider Texas part of far, far eastern Utah). We have an interesting & eclectic mix of artication in: black & white photography, oils, pastels, wood sculpture, DSC (digitally saturated color….I made up that term) photography, steel work, ceramics & plaster.

We rearrange the arrangement from day to day, as dictated by sales, cloud cover and pure, unadulterated whim to confuse the staff and to amuse the public.

Our art prices are non-negotiable due to the fact that whatever business you are in, you probably don’t give discounts to people who want to bargain for your services. For those who want to haggle, go out to Hollywood and get on Let’s make a Deal or lacking the airfare, stay home & play on eBay all day.

Our CRAP (committee reviewing articational proclivities) team is constantly scouring the greater Kanab-Fredonia metro area and the near beyond for new talent and, as mentioned above things change and art sells. SO, if you see something you like, BUY IT! It may be gone tomorrow.

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